How the neuropathy set me up…

I wrote last fall and through the winter my issues I was trying to figure out an saw the dentist during that time… this time they did X-rays…

The pain up the right side of my skull is directly dental related… Once the doc pointed the x-ray out to me an I could blink the cataract out of the way… I saw the dark spot under my bridge in the worse spot…

Recently studies came out about people with previous stroke an baby aspirin… an that raised red flags for the 600 mg nsaid I take… but, without those, the pain would have been doctor visit worthy… yet I thought it was neuropathy pain and blunt force trauma damage… I messed up on the signs….

It just goes to show, I need emergency work, to save the tooth an bridge… but… I tolerated pain the dentist considered difficult for most patients and when he stuck the explorer into the damaged area I felt nothing… not so a few minutes ago, when eating…

This will be a long move… eyesight is off an on… fighting to keep from having emergency dental surgery done, means watching what an how I eat the next year or so… no clue how long the Washington VA system will make me wait… here, over a year this last request by my dentist….

Stopped the baby aspirin, because of my old stroke… those nsaids are 6 times stronger… seems I am always playing doctor till the VA does the job they were hired too… not likely in my lifetime….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTelll

I Remember Margie

Sgt USAF DAV… easier to use Ipad, I can turn off the features they changed on me…Word Press that is😂

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