Blunt force trauma fractures, 6 decades later…

Doing the hand exercises the PT taught me are painful… When a doc I worked with in the dental clinic accussed me of throwing the instruments, I knew what happened, I just didn’t understand it at that time…

Now that happens on a daily basis… Not much you can do, when you can not grasp, grip, because you can not get the fingers to bend at that moment, because you are dealing with a flare up of neuropathy and arthritis… the doc had missed the oral cancer on a patient earlier that day… guess I was an easy target, he even wrote it up and I have a copy of that statement… did you know that suicide used to be real high in denstistry….

When I put the 5 pound weights on my wrists and I feel the pain instantly from the weight, I know the body is still working, some…. When it hurts like hell to curl my fingers around that soft exercise ball, I think… okay I can cook dinner tonight…

Word Press I am watching your program screw up right before my eyes… what did I ever do to you kids???? sigh, train of thought is leaving the station….

I give up, sorry, this program is fucking up right in front of me and our connection is great, because we have clear weather!!!!

TimesUp #MeTooWhyIDidntTelll because just like this writing program, nothing is ever as it seems… so over this crap!!!

I Remember… Margie..


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