Living next door to stupidity….

This is my girl, she turns 8 this fall… We fostered her litter an adopted 3, we have 2 pups left alive and today…

She tasted blood….

We just finished our mile an I thought she was worn out an the leash fully extended an before I could brace my body, we were running around our property, chasing chickens an here comes the big boy pulling Mike….did we allow it, first 5 seconds, after that it was putting on the brakes an one bird got caught by my girl…

She released when I gave her the command an the bird lost feathers an likely not hurt, as BB got her from behind, which is more protected….

Mike is out putting up the fencing, I am trying very hard not to take pain meds, as my skeletal cannot tolerate pounding from running…. so my pain is way up there… all because a dumb ass vet next door, who swears disabled, but seems to have no problem riding a hog, is a typical of the scam run by many….

I will have trouble walking for a couple days, I will be in awful pain for a couple days….

All because a veteran next door let his livestock run loose… yep, respect for others rights is why I wore a uniform… no clue what the dude next door, problem is…but push me to legal an you better have a Umbrella policy to protect your sorry ass an property….

Never got vets who cry wolf an could never endure the hell I went through at 5 years old!!!


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