I-be a monkeys uncle….

Get letter from Oahu VA authorizing the dental implants….but….I have to start from scratch????

There are some days the VA just gives you the evidence of incompetence and negligence…..

Since I was a dental tech specialist in the Air Force an surgery was my favorite, I doubt we can get anything done before we sell an move, but what the hell… Just like seeing the eye surgeon, who will NOT be doing my eye surgery… Might as well go see the Oral surgeon or what ever field they put implants into… Heard at one time Endodontists where the ones doing it…

So next week, pop into my dentist office an see the shock on the faces of the employees after a year of faxing an sending paper consults, here we go again…. at one time I thought the clinic was jacking me, but when Oahu called an I cornered the employee an Mike told the clinic, gee, surprise, surprise, surprise as Ghomer Pyle used to say….

House has had one offer first day an it fell thru a few days ago…Hoping after the Memorial weekend, showings will pick up… It does give us time to save more money, but this is going to be a hot, tropical, stormy summer an we intend to get out in it….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell… your hand is covering my mouth….

I Remember Margie….who remembers her first dental visit on Okinawa…


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