Neuropathy and Heat…

This heat is hitting me hard and the humidity is just making me feel worse… so our leaving is the right thing to do… AC has been on since 5AM…

On Okinawa, after the last time I was hit upside the head, that was when it happened and I thought for sure it was a heat stroke… We all learn that stuff, living on the island, so that we don’t have issues…. and when I told Freda what happened down at suicide cliff, she was indifferent….

What I releated to as a heat stroke, was actually a neuropathy event…. and it would take 4 1/2 decades for it to get as bad as it is now…

Basic was in late September and Lackland is no picinic in the heat and I had just had a baby 2 months before… and I had no issues…..

By the time I left active duty, once in a while, the heat would bother me and I thought I was just dealing with forced menopause via the Air Force….

The last place we live was Las Cruces, NM…. and it can hit over 100 easily… but… when not monsoon season, it is the driest environment around and again the heat did not bother me…

When the humidity made it known, was when we lived in Arkansas, before NM… that humidity left me drained and I warned Mike about Hawaii how it could be the same and turns out I was right….

Neuropathy affects each person differently, though the doctors try to clump us into groups… what happen to individual care????

Until we leave Hawaii, I am now a prisoner of my home, because going out in the heat and humidity, just turns my stomach inside out…. thus the install of AC last year…

One of the biggest reasons we are going home… that climate was the best for me, high desert, but a definite 4 seasons and low humidity…

The room is heating up, it’s hot on Hawaii… going to be a good summer for sun and play this year….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell, would you have listened???

I Remember Margie… and being told to be silent about the abuse….


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