So done with writing…edited

I had a aha moment that confirms the stroke, that absolutely happened in Texas…

It took the WP site a full minute to just get into my site and then it took another full minute to open my site to write….

It just takes all the air out of writing it on this site… their is no joy in sharing my journey, when you struggle to get into word press and write, which makes it feel like it was for me, when I open up about what I have lived through!!!

Honestly, I had a good one to write about and I just don’t feel like going there and doing anything about any of this…

Word press has destroyed what was working just fine in less than a blink of an eye by an update and I have no way to roll back that update…

Remember… I am having major vision issues with up close environments and that won’t change until I have surgery, and since I am dealing with the VA, that could be never… so change of any kind, like our move is beyond stressful for a person with multiple brain injuries…

But as long as word press makes the money it wants and takes away from this paying customer… just as what the law makers and politians are doing playing god… so too did word press and this atheist has no use for any authority, especially when I pay for it!!!

Taxs!!! and I paid a fee for this site!!!!

Beem me up Scotty, I have had my fill….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell, to hear, you have to listen….

I Remember… Margie and her fight for survival among the religious insane…


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