It Stops Here… no more Abuse!!!

Today, is an interesting day… didn’t realize this day bugged me as much as it does…

At some point in time you either stand up for yourself or you let people continue to walk on you…. I choose to stand up and say no more and I have been doing that for some time now…

You lie to me… the wall goes up…. You ask me for advice and you yell at me… the wall goes up… You disrespect me, when you have no right… the wall goes up…. You treat me like a belonging and not with respect… the wall goes up… You go out of your way to bring up an embarrassing moment, just to make yourself look better… the wall went up… You touched me, when I told you not too…. the wall went up….

For some bizarre reason, people who believe in gods, think that your space is their space and they are so delusional in that thought process, they lose themselves to the devil god they worship… because if it was a real god, we would have no wars, no famine, no disease…

Instead we would be a planet of enlightenment and that will never happen as long as you believe in gods and forget, You have no SAY over ME!!!

I kept my secrets for decades… only one person on this planet knows what I truly think and he does not know all… husband…. of 25 years….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell, because to be heard, someone has to listen and christians do everything but, listen….

I Remember… Margie, whose voice was silenced at one time by christians….


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