Dog day is mothers day….

This is how I spend holidays, doing what needs to be done, but this time it was different…

Dogs need baths before move an today was perfect overcast kind of day…

What I noticed while doing the dogs, my left knee was bent, it hurt to put it straight an I realized this was a habit from the stroke, so I made myself keep my core tight an legs straight an low an behold, I had less pain…………

Knowing about the injuries would have given me a quality of life we all deserve… Freda thought I deserved a different life an played god….I will never trust anyone who wears the label christian… Never….

By the time we were done doing the dogs, the usual, knife burning pain was not there…just some discomfort, when I forgot to maintain my body correctly…the disconnect between my brain an body is that bad, and what I am fighting to correct 60 years later…. happy mothers day Freda, I am here to tell the true story of Margie…

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell, I tried and men in power are still calling the shots…

I Remember… Margie, just wants to know WHY???


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