Old Pain is back to Remind Me….

I do not like reading my medical records, especially the military and VA ones, the civilian records I never found negative comments, the military and VA, lots of negative comments… it seems to me, federal employees think, mind you not something they do very well, but federal employees think their opinion as a GS-5-6-7-8-9 has value, especially if they are not a board certified doctor…. so, not a lot of respect for federal employees and I used to be one…. but I never made comments in any records about anyone, unless so directed…. not Military & VA employees, they think, again a dangerous subject, but they think their opinion has value… only value it has for me…

EVIDENCE!!!! and I thank you kindly for it, name and all…. sigh… you can not fix stupid, honest you can’t…

So, why the write up after that rant…. when we got the offer last week, when we had only been on the market 24 hours, I jumped up and down and I am now reminded after several days of pain, NEVER TO DO THAT AGAIN!!!!

In my military records it states that I said my back has always hurt (after basic it was real sore) and now that I remember most of my youth, I know why…. Freda…. and that old fashion wooden 1 inch thick yard stick and how she beat the crap out of a 5-year-old…. christians, such nice people…

You could say from the tale bone to my neck was a target by Don & Freda Bagwell, I guess it made them feel powerful and god like as they beat on a child that weighed less than 50 pounds and thin as that yard stick…. I wasn’t denied food, but the injuries to my internal organs were such that certain foods Freda cooked, my body reacted violently too… and to this day, there are a great many breads, fruits and vegetables I can not eat, because of the enzymes in them cause a chemical reaction in certain organs and it has been this way since I was 5 years old, going on 60 years this year…. big time sigh, because I love certain foods and can not eat them…

The pain at the base of my spine is purely from me jumping up and down… impact aerobics is something I knew after my military time, I would never be able to tolerate and now I know why…. double big time sigh….

So maybe not getting Wolf creek property on that winding, bumpy road is a good thing…

Having my memories, makes it easy to understand all the physical issues I have dealt with since I was around 5 years old…. 60 years and it took us moving to Hawaii to finally get answers and now my health care is in the toilet again, because, did blood work, saw doc and no medication has come from the VA and that is not good, the cholesterol drug has brought my numbers into a good range and is keeping me from having another stroke, I am almost out and what I will have to do to get the med is not pleasant and lots of phone calls and you know what, not going to happen…. 1 call and the meds still do not come….. UGH!!!

VA health care is the worse in the nation and people wonder why veterans commit suicide…

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell because you won’t listen….

I Remember… Margie and her issues with food as a little child after the beatings…


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