Big Brother, you sorry ass MF!!!

My heart is racing with this aha moment and I am furious, beyond anything I have felt in a long time… my big brother… my half-brother from Freda’s 1st marriage… he knew and he didn’t tell me!!!!

Let me give a little back story… in 1967, when my big brother was with us for the summer, I got beaten badly, so bad I died… my heart quit, I had a stroke and probably 1 of many TIA’s (brain bleed’s)… all at the hands of Don & Freda…

Larry was so badly beaten his dad wanted to go after my dad… but Freda, the snake in the grass bitch from hell talked him out of it… he must have still been in love with the viper… so I never saw Larry after 1967, until….

2002, when we were staying in our motor home in Seattle and he came to visit… over 25 years since my near death… 

I wrote about how he got out of his car and ran up to me and hugged me and if you have read the blog, touch is not my favorite thing, doesn’t matter who you are and to me, this man was a total stranger…

Our conversations during his visit gave me a clue and set me off course and when we moved to Arkansas and he came for the family reunion and violated my trust by telling Freda what I had told him….

The son of a bitch knew I had no memory and kept his fucking christian mouth shut!!!!

May the son of a bitch rot in the hell he created by not facing reality of what life really is!!!

Now I get why my skin crawled when he touched me… he is no different from the others that did all they could to steal Margie’s soul….

Aha moments like this can be very unpleasant, but past events after the visit in Seattle, set off alarm bells…

Oh what a tangle web we weave, when first we practice to deceive… Walter Scott

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell because you wouldn’t listen…

I Remember… Margie… who learned quickly never to trust anyone in the Bagwell Cooper clan…now add Linnen!!!


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