Sexual Assault is up in the Military… No duh!!!

I served from 1977 to 1983… I was ganged raped by officers at a party after I was slipped a drugged cocktail!!!! Know what the supervisor said when I reported the rape???

“What DID I DO to invite such behavior!!!!”

What did I do, well let me see… I was fully clothed, the single mother of 2 small children, a E3, driving a clunker, living in a dive apartment because that is all I could afford on my military pay…. and I was invited to a party by a patient who happened to be an officer…

According to regulations there is to be no playing with those of lower rank… I was lower rank, so I guess that just made it all the more acceptable to give me a drugged cocktail and take turns raping me…

Just a FYI as far as the Air Force was concerned it was all my fault!!!!

That is what christians have been doing and are still doing and you are sending your children to church to be raped, to the U. S. Government jobs to be raped, I.E. Hill!!!! or Monica!!!  Best yet, you send your kids to serve the country that we live in and they get raped… and all done in the name of christianity and the United States Government…

When does this stop???


No One Is Above the LAW!!!!

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell, because our government is expert at cover up!!!

I Remember Margie before the corrupt christians and military raped and killed her!!!


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