TBI & Short Term Memory… my nemesis!!!

My nemesis in life… my short-term memory… I know I did okay in elementary school, up till 4th grade, that would be about the time mommy dearest went ballistic, because of Peggy and I got beat severely…. as you can see…


That is not makeup on that child… no that skin tone is purely from bruising… from my head to my toes and Freda the mommy dearest, left no part of my body untouched… She wouldn’t hug me often, so not much touching in that respect… but when it came to discipline… this is what the psychos I call parents did to children… I was about 8 years old when the boob incident happened… just love those ligature marks on my neck….

After this beating I flunked 4th grade, so how I graduated from high school on time is beyond me.. but I don’t remember much of those years anyway… 2 severe head injuries later… I lost 68 thru 72 thanks to daddy dearest….

So short-term memory is an issue and always has been… I have note pads all over my house and desk… I have 3 password books and when it comes to meeting someone and getting to know them…. it seems, I really do have an issue with names and faces……….

The fact that I got a memory back today, the one about the MRE’s…. tells me, this move may be the best thing we could do… put some distance between me and people, so that the quiet and calm, will allow my brain to free up the rest of the memories… so I am very much looking forward to our move…

Now learning how to shoot all over again, not so much… but bear, coyotes, wolves, mountain lions and timber rattlers…. we will have weapons for living on that 20 acres… I intend to explore all those 20 acres…. after I learn how to use a gun again….

Monday the realtor comes for pictures and video and drone video of the property, which will be fun to share with everyone… you can see our little bit of paradise on Hawaii….

We went to the mall in Hilo for the Merrie Monarch craft fair… of course shooting pics to my daughter so she can shop and she scored 2 designer outfits from local designers… tomorrow more shopping and the rest of the weekend getting ready for that hopeful influx of prospective buyers….

Back to work… today was my last PT… I hope I have learned enough…the kids taught me a lot and I do feel better, not younger, but better…

TimesUp #MeToo

WhyIDidntTell… because I would have been treated the same way Hill & Ford were treated… with more violence from the very perpetrators… Graham, Kavanaugh, Trump and Thomas… nothing but bullies… but their god will forgive them… not this survivor!!!

I Remember… Margie, who never understood the inequality among the sex’s… women have been smarter than men since the beginning of time… our time is coming back around…


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