PTSD lost this round….

Though I was excited to have Hawaii Life do our listing, we had a communication issue and the commission they wanted to charge, was an amount I was not willing to pay… so no drone footage of our little paradise… though tempted to buy one and do my own…

Contacted Help U Sell and will go with them, just means I have to dust off my real estate knowledge hat, make up some flyers, spend a little money on signage, maybe a banner and let the real estate company do the rest… means work for me, but I can afford to do it this way, not the old way of realty ripping off sellers… I have sold 3 homes in the last 10 years, tired of making money for strangers….

So no panic attack when I had to let Hawaii life go… just like Wagstaff telling me, because the VA kept the mesh in you for a year, instead of removing it like the surgeon wanted… I got less money… the system just isn’t geared for the average person…. I really do need to remember to talk to a lawyer about suing the VA about that issue… so much going on and not enough time to get it all done, let alone energy…

Doc wants to see me, blood work was not good for the hypothyroidism… so drugs they will try to push, wait and see is still my option, it has only been 3 1/2 months since I quit levothyroxine…

Gmail has screwed up and all my stuff about blogs was in lala land, now I have a whole bunch to try to catch up on…

Finally have an appointment with an eye surgeon, will they fix anything, sure would be nice… If I could see, I would have noticed one of my email accounts not showing up!!! UGH!!! VA HEALTH CARE SUCKS!!!! and still no word a year later about dental implants!!!

So the PTSD did not make me lose it, I kept it together and problem solved our way out…

Okay the head hurts, the eyes do not want to work and the lap top is a pain to work on… good night, enough frustration for one day… tomorrow, start working on real estate flyers… oh yea….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell, because I would be treated the same way Hill and Ford were treated…

I Remember… Margie… before….


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