We Don’t Loose them, it’s one more empty space…

Death, never a good subject, never a comfortable subject… a part of life is this necessary evil… death….

Robin’s sudden passing brought to mind her faith in her god… she had a strong conviction for her faith… yet it did not keep her alive, nor did it allow her the option to stick around… death is not secular nor selective, it is death….

Every time I hear on Dr. Oz about how someone saw family, flowers, a glorious environment, I know they are con’s….

I saw death, it is darkness and silence… no sound, no light, no movement, nothing… not even close to what Harry Potter experienced when he saw the professor…

Death is the final chapter in all life….

So when someone I know dies or I lose a beloved pet…. I think of all that I got to share with them and how much we enjoyed life and I have to accept….

One more empty space…..

in the physical plane…

but in my heart and mind they live on and I smile frequently over the life we lived…

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember… Margie… who saw death, smiled at it and said, we will meet again… just not at this moment in time….


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