Insecurity of the religious….

Aha moments happen at the most unusual moments… but this one, because I know I hurt someones feelings, because the person is thinking of themselves only…

The reason religion is pushed on those of us, who know it’s true identity…. social control… the only reason they push religion… because of their own insecurity with identifying with a god they cannot confirm… faith is after all, just a word… it is meaningless as are most words…

I know when I stood in Freda’s living room and she stated, “I know my god”… and I turned as I hugged dad before I left and said…. “I know mental illness when I see it”….(dad just grinned)….

If gods and faith are so important to those that believe in this… why do they feel the need to kill, rape, manipulate, lie, steal, cheat and destroy to make their point????

These same people who know their god, sure use a lot of science to make money, cure illness, put a roof over their head, food on their table and clothes on their back… not to mention the science that built the horsepower sitting in the driveway….

We are born innocent and atheist… 

It is those that want you to be as insecure as they are that push religion and beliefs in a man-made god… and refuse to leave it outside my world or yours….

Psychology says religion is a delusion… Science proves the myths of the bible daily and Egypt is taking its reputation back from the Jewish people who I guess told fake news about it thousands of years ago…

Jeez… fake news, all the way back to the time of Jewish nomads deciding they wanted land… Much like what happened to the native Americans…  explains why Trump is buddy, buddy… I don’t know enough history or anything else about this dynamic, only what I have read about history and the fact the nomads did exactly what I just stated… Theft in the name of god…. Now I am getting why the Native Americans and Hawaiians are so angry…. Never to old to learn something new….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember… Margie… who loved to visit the road stands when traveling thru reservations… as a child…


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