Poland…. nice of you to visit…edited

My sister who’s birth was the cause of why I died in Texas…. well as an adult, she got involved with exchange students… and one of those kids was a young Polish girl and her mom and grandma spent a couple of weeks at my parents home in 2004, if I remember right… anyway I had her address at one time and when we left Arkansas, some of our stuff got misplaced and in that box was my address book with her address…. would be nice to connect with her again…. I imagine she is married with kids by now….

Cloudy sky’s, wet weather… has been the norm since we moved to HPP on Hawaii Island… we must have the perfect spot for rain, sun and just all around comfortable weather…. after last summer’s eruption… we’ll take this in a heart beat….

Reconciling the memory over my knee, I actually got some sleep last night… though I did munch in the middle of the night… ugh!!!

It’s a pattern I am trying to adjust too…. many nights or weeks of dreaming and the aha moment happening and we move on to the next question that my brain wants answered….

It really is hard to make myself accept that there are some things I will never know and have to speculate over….. it is what it is….

Much to do, painting today, once the sun shows it’s head, right now, it is wet and deep in clouds… and chilly at sea level….

The next few weeks will be pins and needles waiting to hear if our offer is accepted by the seller and the bank… it is in pre-forclosure, so both parties have a say, unless things have changed since I did home loans for USDA…. and they always do… change….

Dogs are antsy wanting their morning walk, and the day is waiting and the news is the same…. Trump is an idiot…. that did make me smile…. and the rain starts again…

Have a beautiful day… Aloha ours looks a little more wet than dry….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember… Margie… who is looking forward to the peace and quiet of Cougar creek….


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