Growth, just like my Avocado from seed…


I started this tree in late June 2016 at our new house on Hawaii from a seed out of the avocado we ate for dinner and it was a Haas….

Not even 3 years old and my baby is giving forth, what will be some of the best avocados ever and we won’t be here to eat them…. but, I have tried growing avocado for over 30 years and this time….

I got growth…. this will be another memory of Hawaii that will always make me smile… It usually takes at least 5 years for them to produce, when grown from seed… I think our proximity to the lava flow last summer and how warm our ground area was during the active flow, and all the junk in the air… all the fruit trees we planted that summer are producing… all planted 2016 into 2017…

Nature, the true god…. you know why vaccines work??? Because of the millions of people walking this planet alive, because of those vaccines… where as man made gods… they take life… much like the man made opiod epedimic flooding in through our port of entries and the U. S. Mail…. and we are moving up to the Canadian border where the real bad guys, just walk across… True story… You don’t need Trump to know the truth… you just have to seek it out…

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember… Margie… who loves growing things….


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