Knowing How I Died is NOT Much Help!!! edited

Yada, Yada, Yada about christians form of truth…. You have to become Sherlock Holmes to figure out the smoke and mirror games christians love to play… it’s in their play book… the bible…

I can count the number of phone conversations I had with Peg over the years and the number of times I did the calling and when I quit calling…. people who set out to deceive, rarely look past the blinders they already wear and Freda and Peg did just that, now they got the youngest brat involved… talk about a quorum of witches’…. true story… I can see each one around the cauldron and exactly how they look… got a giggle out of that flash of imagination…

I fought against me for years, until we made that trip home in 96 to see the family…. by 99 I was rated full disabled by the VA temporary and was fighting for my SS… and some time during all that, I was diagnosed with PTSD, we’ll say around 98 and Mike will tell you… I never got told, same thing that happened at El Paso, happened in Spokane and the reason… “VA Appeal’s” and I had to under go extensive psych testing…  I read the diagnosis in my records the other day… They way Rubio wrote it, was like he was talking to me… Not about the PTSD, that I would have remembered!!!

So the trip in 96 did what it needed and started the journey to remembering… by the time we moved to Arkansas to be around while Don was dying from agent orange… I learned more… so from 2003 to 2008…. the family gave me lots of information, just through their actions… people really do not change, just like a leopard can not change its spots, neither can the corrupt of heart, mind and soul…. sold to the highest BS on the planet, god will forgive you???!!! Holy crap on a cracker!!!

Though I am not getting much restful sleep, I am seeing lots of my past… though on occasion I hit that brick wall, where the stroke happened… but more stuff comes forward all the time and the games played or manipulation, become more obvious…

I did right by leaving my family behind… I just should have never let my guard down, it was negative on my children… what the family did to them… I have to own that…

It is right to keep my distance… until they renounce this man-made god, I can never trust them… all I can do is feel sorry for their inability to use the mind they say god gave them instead, they are doing the bidding of this man made manipulator….I guess because IT will forgive them???

So knowing how I died is not much help… but some questions are being answered daily… the dreaming, not a bad thing… it will be a while before I start that first run of the book…

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember… Margie… who learned trust is earned, not given….


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