Thank YOU Veterans Administration for the Depression!!!

A long time ago I learned not to look at my Veterans Medical records because I knew that there was lots of ugly comments by doctors, nurses, technicians… you name it… if you want ugly,  get a federal employee in the Veterans Administration, they can do it and will do it and did do it… and in front of witness’s and they are still employed by the VA!!!

I just spent the last half hour looking for the information about the brain things they did for me through the VA and I found more nasty, ugly and disrespectful comments by employees of the VA system…. I seriously want to go lean over my toilet and throw up for the next half hour… that is how ugly federal employees have become!!!

Just reviewing the records I did read… I have the federal government in their own words committed negligence and mal practice…. and my day will be impacted with that negligence and mal practice…. and most of all my brain will take a short nose dive into hell because of federal employees!!!

And people wonder why veterans are homeless and take their lives….

Now Trump and his psychopathic religious base want to turn our nation into this same kind of bigotry….

I am grandfathered in, they can not touch me…. but I sure the hell will be watching the show from the sidelines…

Our next home purchase, keeps me out of the VA system and in private health care… at least this way I have a fighting chance to see my great grand kids grow up….

Stick with the VA and I may as well go pay for my funeral now!!!

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember… Margie and how she tried to forget!!!


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