Face Book Censorship…. You Just Can Not Fix the Stupid of the Rich….edited FINAL…

I posted a couple of hours ago the family freak show and I checked face book and the blog is not showing up in anyone’s feed, except the Ann Spite feed and it does not show it shared on face book, which tells me, that yep I can see it on face book, but no one else can…

I mean for real, when does the morons who cheat other morons, become rich and all of a sudden they get a taste of power and greed and censorship….

So my experiment did work… 

Face Book is censoring my little old blog… Gee… I got the giggles on that… 

My little bit of writing has them that scared???? or is it just bigotry at its best because I am an Atheist???

Ya never know… but until the icon on my WP blog shows FB shared… it is being blocked by FB and no one on face book can see it and Mark Zuckerberg just became another Nazi…. or Russian or N. Korean or Iran, I mean come on… they silence Americans… who is next???

Still think your little world is what it seems… keep going back to that Men In Black statement about humans being dumb and blindly going about life… that my friends you can thank socialized religion for that brain washing… sounds a lot like the movie….


TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember… Margie… who could spot bigots like Zuckerberg and Trump miles away… they are so much like used car sales men…. ewwwww….

Sgt. USAF DAV  bring it Zuckerberg!!!

two hours after I wrote the freak show, it posted to face book’, an we have reliable internet, so you got me on what is happening, but things are not working in real time… something has it on delay….or someone…

yet it still is not showing in anyones feed… FB is or someone is blocking my blog from showing in my FB feed… two posts from the blog an nada on fb.????

hubby says it finally showed in his feed, but not mine… same kind of weird stuff I saw during the election… don’t these people have lives???

6:02 pm our time and still my blog is not showing up in two different places… I know they didn’t like something I wrote a while back, because I was attacked for it… Maybe whoever is playing with my posts… maybe they will learn something.. doubtful… but hope springs eternal…. night all I have had my fill today with the internet…

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