Just when I thought we were done….Here I go Again!!!

Just when I thought I was done, that just maybe I could take all my research and memories and put the book in a first run…. I start dreaming…!!! #$%*

Not much sleep last night… lots of pain and some of my own doing, we got the new range and nearly killed ourselves getting it out of the back of the truck… thankfully we have good equipment and use every device available to help us cripples, but still, it took strength I didn’t know I had, and it was barely useful… so hate my body sometimes and its weakness….

Crawled into bed and was out instantly and the dreaming started… up at 10:30pm, 12:30am and again at 4:30am… each time with the memory of dreaming about my childhood… nothing discernible as far as the actions of the others in my dream… but siblings were in it… no clue if it was a bad or good memory….

Got a feeling that the stress of getting the last projects done on the house, our fight to get into a property that is in foreclosure, which is never fun… dealing with mouth pain and facial pain and no follow-up appointments by the VA with dental… request sent in May 2018… sigh… add to that the physical side of what I am trying to accomplish…. stay mobile… my body and brain are both tired and ready for a vacation….

Thunderstorm we had the other night finished off the stoves mother board… who knew you could put a 220 surge protector on an outlet… all our 110 stuff is protected, but we never could find a 220 surge in the store… time to order a couple… before hurricane season… other stove goes home with us, $2,000 double oven… we’ll get it fixed when we get home… always pack your trash off the island…or that is what they will be living on top of in 50 years… at least the properties we are trying to get into have shops, so I have a place to fix electronics…

Maybe the neurologist was right about the memories still being there… he read the MRI & MRA report and knew the type of damage I have to my brain… he has more knowledge than me… and after last night… he just might be right… the memories may be there… it’s just letting them into my waking mind… while I lose sleep… ya just can’t win with this scenario… big time sigh…..

The day is calling, I have stuff to pack and help Mike hang the fancy new living room ceiling fans… that storm the other night, hit the motor of the fan, and another thing to fix when we get home… 

Have a beautiful day…. Aloha

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember… Margie and her fascination with Hawaii because of Elvis movies…


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