How I Figured out my Own Murder….

I awoke to a scene… “Freda is crying, her mother has just died and at first she didn’t want to go to the funeral, but with all that had gone on in the last 9 months, she wanted an escape away from the reminder… they killed the 13-year-old child that stood before her covered in bruises and that day in June 1968, is when Margie woke up from her waking coma… she had died that hot night in Big Springs, Texas… not long after the birth of her half-sister in August of 67, conceived while daddy was in Vietnam”….

Freda crying is what woke me from my coma… I lost 9 months after that near death experience when Don and Freda where fighting and I got in the middle and my little 13-year-old body no match for 6 foot 4 inch 250 pound man and a grown woman…. the blows rained upon her body… her half older brother fighting to get them off her… She smiled as death took her… and thought… no more abuse, now I get to see god….

The darkness lasted for 9 months, with no memory of the attack and heart stopping death… only bruises and sore ribs and pain in my head…. daddy locked up in an Air Force psych ward… orders cut and we are shipped off to Japan to hide the scandal that rocked a little Texas town called Big Springs….

It would be Nov 7, 2017… 2 days after an Airman killed 26 people in Sutherland Springs, Texas and I told my love I had a story to tell and started talking about Big Springs, Texas….

This is how I solved my own murder….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember… Margie… who experienced death… no flowers, no family, no god… just total darkness….


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