They said they loved me… I am not impressed….

Did you know it is easy to love… why??? it’s an emotion… it has no real rhyme or reason… why??? it’s a emotion….

Now did you know that believing in a god is the same thing??? an emotion??? yep, read some psychology on the subject…

I have known for many years now, that when not over whelmed with man-made hormones… I didn’t get all that emotional, in fact, usually my reaction was the opposite…

I wrote that I laughed at my parents for the abuse they dished out to me as a little girl, the blunt force trauma fractures, the brain injuries, the internal injuries… my coping mechanism… humor….

When Don came in the bowling alley on Okinawa with the suitcases to send me back to where, I was still under 18 and in school… I laughed and it wasn’t the first time I laughed at the abuse they gave to my little body as a child…

So when someone says the words to me, “I love you”… I think to myself… Ain’t that sweet and if you know anything about southern humor, you will know that is not a compliment….

It is easier to love anyone or anything on this planet…

The hardest thing to do is…

Like someone…. because if you like them, you invariably respect them….

I can count on 1 hand the number of people I like… speaks volumes doesn’t it…

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember… Margie… who knew love was not real, but liking someone was…


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