Cloak of Many Clues….

There is a song by Dolly, about the coat of many colors… and there is the story of the Jews leaders and its colorful cloak…. my cloak was orange and I hated it with a passion…. I was only 14, severe brain bleed after being beaten by daddy, because I pissed off mommy and sister… oh that cloak of orange and white… was my cloak of many colors and it left me so many clues….

When sister wanted that cloak I hated so much, another clue… When big brother tried to covert me to believe in his god… another clue… when sister said “live, love and laugh”… another clue… when mommy said, “your daddy was locked up in a psych ward one time and it scared him”… that was another clue… when daddy said he got the bronze star in Vietnam and I knew he did not do a full tour, because of the half-sister growing in mom’s tummy… another clue…

We drove over to Kona today to buy a new stove and a couple of ceiling fans… and it struck me how long my bread crumb trail was and it wasn’t mine… It was mom’s, dad’s, brother & sister… they all gave me clues about what happened to me and how they played god for the last 50 years…

Now I have cut them out of my life, because I don’t believe in gods and I know a con job when I see one… so thank you, but no thank you mommy, daddy, sister and brother… and most of all no thank you Mr. Trump…

Christian truth is an affront to all of humanity and all religions are an affront to life itself… your form of truth has no value and no worth… it is devoid of life and most of all it is devoid of hope… that isn’t religion… that is a cult, now that did sound like the Salem Witch Trials, you really can not fix stupid…

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember… Margie… who never understood anyone who believed in gods who allowed rape, murder, theft, lying, stealing and cheating… that is man’s gig, the oldest con on the planet…


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