Learning to walk again….

I wrote about playing in an old building that was long gone and all that was there was the support walls that stuck out of the ground about 12 feet, so typical dangerous stupid place for kids to play… this was before I was 12…

By the time the Texas beating, near death, and stroke… I walked normal… feet both aligned and straight forward… after Texas, that all changed and I had a faint understanding of what was wrong, but I was a kid, my brain was in healing mode, so it was survival first and figure it all out at a later date… I just didn’t know that later date would be November 7, 2017… 50 years later….

The PT is working that left leg and the band that controls my ability to walk right and stay on my feet and not on my lips….

Essentially the same thing I have been doing for my arms and hands… yesterday, lots of nerve pain as things try to connect and communicate with each other… 

I knew some of this process would be painful and new pain is never fun, it takes the brain a little while to adjust to new pain and process it so that it is not intrusive… well, that’s a struggle right now, because I got legs and arms both, trying to heal 50 years later…. the body is an amazing muscle… to bad some of us forget to use the brain….

Every day is a challenge, to correct 50 years of habits that compensated for the left side of the body and the stroke at 13 years old…

It will never cease to amaze me, I went and had 2 boys, went to basic 2 months after my son was born and served for 5 1/2 years… all with a broken body… I earned every stripe and every dime I get from my military service… they took that broken body and broke it even more… just to cover up rape and attempted murder… while I was active duty… they got away with it when I was a dependent daughter…

Men in power protecting men in power… sounds like god, Jesus and Trump…. an people still think Mary being raped was okay, because they made the child into a god… just wow how acceptable rape has been for thousands of years…. hands off assholes… your beliefs in gods does not make it okay to touch me or anyone else…

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember… Margie and her daredevil behavior… it’s still there…


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