I Give Up… UNCLE!!!

Superstitions are just that… but if I was… I would really get a little freaked about now… but I know the reality of power surges and it hit our 220 on the stove and it will cost more to repair the stove than it would to buy a new one… 

As the repairman leaves the house I look up and see a ceiling fan quit spinning and get up and pull the switch and yep, the motor on it is going out….

Enough already… 

So road trip is in our future to go buy what we need, so the house can go up for sale…

So far I have 2 computers, a printer, now a computer on a fancy stove to fix, when we get home … yea, I could leave all that here… but this is an island and the computers get used for Seti and other things and the stove, the repair was cheap, just the parts that are spendy… 

But, every house we have put up for sale in the last 9 years… something always breaks before we hit the market… and the buyer always gets something new… at my expense…

Are we done yet??? and the rooster lets me know, tomorrow morning is just hours away… UNCLE!!!

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember… Margie… and her curiosity…


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