Do NOT Touch!!! Biden, hands OFF!!! edited…

Christians or any religious person, thinks, hugs, and kiss’ are just the oh so nice bullshit!!!

Biden touching another person may have been innocent per the religious dogma of christians!!!

YOU DO NOT HAVE A RIGHT TO TOUCH ANOTHER PERSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Once a few years ago, someone said to me…”I know you don’t like hugs, but I am giving you one anyway”… they were and still are a christian!!!??? obviously they have no clue about personal space…

Religion is destroying our world, because the person who hugged me, did not stop and think how that hug impacted me… Nope, it was about them being in control and ownership over me!!!!!

At PT the other day a few weeks ago, the PT person reached out and gave me hug, now I know they read the blog, was this an experiment on their part or was it ignorance at its best???

Our guest, when she was here, asked if it was okay to get a hug… that family is the one that introduced me to hugs, and it became a part of my life for a few years, until touch became a real issue for me, before I got my memories back… But… She asked permission…

We humans have innate needs and desires… We also have boundaries… People will either respect my space when we get back home, or those people will not be allowed in my space when we get home…

I may not wear a neon flashing sign that says, “DO NOT TOUCH”… BUT, you dumb ass humans should know better… christians and other religious delusional humans… not so much… You really can not fix stupid… You really can’t!!!

FYI FB IS CENSORING MY BLOG AND FACE BOOK PAGE…. Ann Spite…. Zuckerberg playing god….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember… Margie… when ever touched, she wanted to throw up!!! Hands off assholes!!!


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