Memory of laughing at them, what does that mean???

I have more memories of laughing at them after they hurt me, than I do of being pissed off at them…. why??? Because it pissed them off more… lots of little devil emojis please…

We went out and did our mile walk and I stopped dead in my tracks and said… “I laughed at them, almost every time they hurt me, why???, because it pissed them off more and I knew it”…..

Nothing like watching an adult become enraged, when they can not make a child perform the way they want… and oh my… I was such a child and in adult life, many people have found my foot up their ass… true story….

Is it arrogance??? Is it bravado??? Is it any reason YOU can think of???

None of the above…

It is called a Traumatic Brain Injury and not just one, but over a dozen, 2 of them severe…. I am a lucky survivor of multiple TBI’s at the hands of my parents….

I have a “condition”…. it’s called TBI…. yet I am the one who has to adjust to your way of thinking???

Oh my, what an interesting world we live in… the reason for this write, trying to figure out how to approach the book and start writing it… putting all my research together… but how… do I do like I tried in the post yesterday or do I try this approach….

“As the little girl struggled to walk on those new legs, she felt coldness and turned to see her reflection in a TV screen, behind her she saw an old fashion hairbrush swung up against her backside, though in pain from the blow, she giggled… not because of the woman screaming about the hair brush, but from the sheer joy of seeing her reflection in the TV screen…. The memory of the blow never left the child and she would come to be a person who never looked too close in the mirror and rarely let the camera sneak a memory… the enraged woman would continue her abuse, but the child, would take it in stride and laugh at her, every time she hit the child”….

I have a very warped sense of humor, which my own sons carry with them in their warped way… No matter how many times Don hit me, I could never stay mad… and why is that???

I have a “Condition” called Traumatic brain injury and I am so grateful, I will never think the way anyone else does…. because I get to own my demons, not the other way around…. Don went to his grave a violent man, so too, will Freda… to live life, you have to own your behavior… I own mine… because….

I love my “Condition”…

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember… Margie… who loves to laugh about her condition….


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