If god is real, why do you need money???

In the news, the pope is doing something in writing to make it harder for a priest to rape a child??? okay, you can not fix stupid, stupid has to really want to be fixed… and smoke and mirrors does not stop rape, theft, murder, lying or cheating…

I love science and I have been watching Hawking, and the Universe series… and love the simple explanation of how we came to be and guess what… no threats of doom and gloom if I don’t believe… the religious can not say that…

In fact the religious need tax exemptions because of their fake god… they need land that is exempt and schools to brainwash more followers….

The earth needs none of the above, including us… Psychology says we have to enable the religious because it could be bad for their mental health to find out, santa Claus is not real, the easter bunny is not real, the great pumpkin is not real, Thor is not real, superman is not real, Batman is not real and this fantasy god they rape, lie, steal, cheat and murder for… guess what…. not real… but a good excuse to get away with crimes, as Trump is finding out…

If god was real… we would have no famine, war, illness, crime, death or pain of any kind… instead we have a world full of delusional humans, who think they are on this planet for a reason and can’t accept the fact….

Just like every living breathing creature that lives today… we are just a fluke of nature and if you don’t enjoy the ride while you are on it… you are going to be one miserable human who thinks a god is better than themselves… and you really think you are smarter than a monkey???

Not if you buy into gods…

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember… Margie and the face of god was man and woman who wanted you to think the way they do… 


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