Autonomic melt down… piecing it together…

Piecing the signs together… the hints of impending doom and gloom…

Okay maybe not, but I don’t like roller coasters and when this happens, it is one long miserable ride….

I wrote the other day what happened on our way to the airport…

I noticed a headache on my left temporal area… about the same area as the right that suffered the stroke and bleed… anyhow… Head pain, sinus pain, recognizing I am tightening my facial muscles and jaw, so that wasn’t it… and I have had some sinus congestion, eh maybe… we did go up and down in elevation while we had company several times… nah… not it… so, what???

The residual symptoms are my clue… I am still dealing with a un happy tummy…. and it feels bloated and hard… aha moment…

So that’s why my body will purge… I am thinking, not a good idea, the thinking… but the thought is… it’s stress… and when it happened last summer, I was starting the journey of levothyroxine over dose… and the stress coupled with the drug, was enough to trigger the meltdown with the throne for 25 hours… but not this time… this time was different…

I handled the stress, or at least my body didn’t betray me like it usually does… now… the question is, is this the answer…

I guess the test will be, when we put the house on the market and I have to allow strangers into my home… yes we will be all packed up and our valuables out of reach of sticky fingers… but the move, sending Mike back to Washington to buy our final home… Hmmmmm.

This is a test, only a test, we will get back to your regularly scheduled program… in about 6 months, I am a thinking… again… oh dear…ย 

Are we done yet???

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTel\l

I Remember… Margie… who loved Bewitch, but could never twitch her nose…


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