VA out of Oahu calls???

Before I forget to document this… got a call from Oahu VA office, following up on a complaint my hubby had filed, when we were fighting to get answers about that stroke… 

Ya know, that stroke was purely a hunch… other than these memories I have, I had no other clue than noticing my left side was weak after my surgery last year and no the stroke did not happen at that time, the brain bleed would have been fresh, mine was old…

Anyhow… I told the kid we had panicked over that MRI and since I still was dealing with doubt,  ya know, kind of hoping my memories were a mental illness manifestation and that I was in no way close to solving my own murder….

Damn, was I wrong… that saying, “be careful what you wish for”… well it bite me in the ass…

So I tell the kid all is hunky dory, but he could explain why I got no dental implants… and his comment…”We have no request for one”!!!


Enough rant… either the dental clinic lied or the VA is destroying documents when they arrive at the facility… only answer… I worked for the Feds for a long time… corruption is not new… Jeez, just look at Trumps swamp…. enough said…

As for my health care while we are here… if they can get the cataract surgery done, that would be great… dental, probably not enough time… we are moving that soon…

We just got to decide… West coast of Washington or go home to Okanogan county…. decisions, decisions…

Anyway, I thanked the kid and told him, the VA had done all I requested and I had no complaints… wouldn’t matter if I did… I know how the system really works….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidintTell

I Remember… Margie… before she ever walked with a limp…


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