Working it out on my terms…. not yours…

Told hubby I was moving away from the subject… It’s an old subject, it has been around for centuries, I am not going to change anyones opinion… but it’s still a part of my story… yet, I am going to move away from it…

Why??? Because the story is about one subject… domestic violence….

Be it the rapes or the beatings or the near death…. 

This story is about one thing… People abusing children, regardless of any religious fanaticism or any other excuse they could come up with…

This is about domestic violence… The fact that adults beat on children from the time they left the womb and abused them into their old age…

This story is about domestic violence… one of the tools of the abuser… manipulation, physical and psychological control….

This story is not about their religious faith or what they say they believe… 

This story is about domestic violence….

I will still never trust any living or dead human that worships gods….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember… Margie and stepping on nails…always barefoot…


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