Face Book Censorship… wow #MeToo #WhyIDidntTell #TimesUp


Face book censored me… now why would they do that… think I got under someones skin???

Why is it they can put sadistic crap out there with graphic art and I put an honest to god statement… like how I snuck that in there…

Regardless… I have said it for a while… FB is not American, they are as russian as you get and when an American Veteran can not use their first amendment rights but people can act like ass’s when Kavanaugh got put in the supreme court…

I have said it before… men in power protecting men in power and the stupid women that follow them… must like having that lead through their nose…

Either way… FB is censoring free speech….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell…. because of people like Zuckerberg…

I Remember… Margie and world free of religious hate… against atheist… what are they afraid of???


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