Why are christians trying to silence my voice???

Christians have no problem pushing their ideology upon anyone and everyone and they wonder why we have wars!!!

I use face book as a tool to rant, not interested in other people’s opinions or thoughts when I post on my feed…

Last few days I have ranted about christians, nothing new there… Baptist church and 700 victims… American Cardinal and hundreds of victims…. throw myself and a few million more… you got lots of victims…

But every time I rant about it on face book this person sends warm fuzzy bull shit via emojis!!!???

I just let out the biggest of sighs…

Why are christians always trying to silence my voice???  Are they that unsure of their god and faith… or is it because nothing good has come of their faith in a human born on this planet and they just can’t accept they got hood winked???

Thing is, I am not going on this persons FB page and making comments… I am venting on my page, so why the behavior modification bull shit???

I will never have any love loss for any religion or faith or gods… I am not delusional…

But christians sure keep trying to silence my voice…. what are they so afraid of??? Death??? Been there done that!!!

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember… Margie… who once was brainwashed by mans god, that turned out to be a man…


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