Dear Diary I am about 8 years old…

The boob incident has happened and I have started the conflicting path of religion, because I was told I was an evil child… because I told the truth…

I was baptized by the Baptist a most corrupt and vile religion…. 

I was just starting puberty when the beating happened… that picture from the last diary entry… so much pain to the body, so much taken from the brain….

I cried in my pillow at night and prayed to the white mans god….

Another baby born into the house… another human to control….

One memory of christmas… and the mumps… President Kennedy dying… Playing outdoors, anything to keep me outside…

I flunked a grade… so angry over the beating and being abandoned by my daddy… Mommy not wanting him to know what she did this time… another secret that was never a secret… 2 adults beating on children and molding them into mini me’s….

A Halloween, with home-made goodies…

The base up the street and the swimming pool I lived at during the warm months… always escaping the house of horrors…

Memories of playing with other kids, memory of being raped… we are fast approaching the war and its impact on our household…

No good memories diary, not a happy home, but a very typical corrupt christian one…

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember… Margie… who is finding peace….


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