Dear Diary today I am 1…


Dear diary, today I am 1-year-old and learning to walk….

margie (4)

One day, I was inside and I stood up and started walking… I placed my hands on an object that reflected back my image and I giggled at seeing my reflection…

It was a TV…. and all of a sudden I felt something hit me from behind… not having much fat on my little body, the blow left its mark on my backside… and it left a mark on my soul….

I remember hearing screaming over the object that was used to hit me and I noticed a hair brush laying on the floor near me…

Even though I was screaming in pain from the blow of that old fashion hair brush….

Freda was more upset over the hair brush she broke on my backside….

I had just become self-aware…. and this was my first memory of violence…

I wonder what the next memory will be and when???

Excerpt from Margies Diary….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember… Margie… with piercing eyes…


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