PTSD and the long walk….

Ever talk to a holocaust survivor??? or have you ever talked to Hiroshima survivor???

I have, both women and both stories very compelling…. and both wore physical and psychological scars from the gas chambers and death camps and the other wore the burn marks of the blast….

I met the lady on Japan, when I lived there… and she told me what it was like to watch her home dissolve into fire and the screams of so many dying at the same time… one half of her body had been burned, the side of her that had been turned towards the blast and she was a long distance from the center… not only will she wear the physical marks all her life, but as she told me her story, the tears flowed gently down her cheeks as she remembered that moment in time…

The lady I met from Europe, told me of watching as men and women and children were rounded up and loaded on trains and upon arriving at the death camps, the men were separated from the women, never to be seen again… many worked to death in the camps, many experimented on and many who died of hunger… just because they call themselves Jewish…

Both groups of people exterminated by a white mans civilization… and all done in the name of christianity and superiority…..

Both of these women exhibited PTSD, they will never get over the trauma and they knew what happened to them…

I have had my memories back for 14 months, But you think I should get over mine??? Bigotry at its best… because I denounce your man made god…

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember… Margie… who never asked for any of this, she was never given a choice… a white man’s god made the choice for her…


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