Day over, site made over….

We may have internet, but it is just about as slow as dial-up, okay, maybe an exaggeration… but watching video in messenger of our great grand son, it still had to buffer for a 15 second run… but I can get into sites I need for research and that means I can get into government records… so happy, but brain tired…

I thought I knew so much… Jeez, how things change on the internet… terminology is my downfall, I have to look up the word meaning and that has always been an issue since about 15 years old… doubt it will change now…

Site is looking good, still not sure what to do with the writer’s block program I bought, it’s good practice I guess…but I am learning the word press thing I bought…

Hoping this roller coaster ride of hormones is about done… it’s just as bad as menopause was except no hot flash’s… never dull in this skin…

Time for some down time, put in a movie… neighbors are getting a little loud… oh yea…

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember… Margie… exhaustion was her friend….


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