Writer’s Blocks…

So the thing came for the software, I guess anymore they think everyone has internet… no software, just a license code…. I have a real headache!!! I did not order downloadable software, I ordered a CD with software on it!!! and I do that for good reason… Downloading crap is never good and it is very vulnerable and it is not always possible when you live by cell phone only!!!! UGH!!!!

I did get the tutorials on you tube to play, but it’s like watching a class in high-speed, not going to work for someone like me… I had a major headache within 2 mins of watching one video… 

The software will give me a basic understanding of how WP works, since I can not get into the admin part of my own site, because, yep you got it… cell phone reception… so over trying to get anyone to understand, not everyone has Wifi or real internet… right now I am running off of blue tooth, because the Apple repair screwed up the PC direct connect set up…. 

So I will use the above software and learn it, so by the time we are ready to move and I will have access to real internet, I will be ready to spend the bucks on the software that actually will do all I want, things like communicate between devices and make it easy for me to work from one platform and multiple devices…  I do so miss going into a store and buying software and knowing when I got home, I had an actual piece of merchandise and not a data stream from someone else’s server…. yep, should have spent the bigger money on the other software…

Oh well, live and learn…I’ll let you know what I think of the software, if I ever can play with all of it… looks reasonably basic spread sheet with just a fancy name… never like learning those spreadsheets programs… this will not be as fun as I thought it would be… yep should have spent the extra money for the other program….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember… Margie… who loved to learn, used too… now its see how frustrated I can get…


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