I can not change your opinion….

Last nights little attack against me, was interesting experience…. for once it did not bug me like it used too….

Growing up in the Bagwell home, meant to be ridiculed, demeaned, anything Freda could come up with and she really is good at it or at least she used to be good at it… now that the truth has come out, it’s just pathetic behavior because she could never get me to change my opinion of her or Don, let alone about her religion….

When kids like my relative, though it is a shirt tail cousin type relation… when they attack me and they do not really know me and by that I mean, we have had physical contact less than 6 times… her mommy is one of my best friends and the kids adopt me as auntie… no clue why….

But when kids attack, it always brings to mind the behavior I lived with my first 18 years and how it would destroy my day, week, even month on occasion, it could go as long as a year back in the day….

What changed… I quit listening…. just that simple… I quit listening to the fear mongering that the kids did, my parents did, the church did and what Trump does daily… I quit listening to the lies… easy, peasy…

When you are angry with your world, because of health issues, like water on the brain, or a stroke like mine or because you want out of a marriage that is taking more than giving… you turn to a religion that you think will solve all your problems… I just got one question….

What has changed since you picked up that religion and the false rhetoric that Trump and FOX news and so many more spout and especially the catholic church from the horse’s mouth… the pope??? What has changed since you gave over your soul to the devil??? I mean come on… what religion can promote hate, murder and theft of property and still survive???

White Man’s Religion… it was designed and made for one sole purpose… control your ass and make the life you already had even more miserable…. because to change, means you have to do something about changing… instead you pray it away and blame the border problems that are not there and the immigration problems that are not there and the economy problems that are fast growing on everyone and everything but your self, but it too will enter your home… 

In other words you want your world to be perfect and it does not matter what the neighbor wants, what the kid in the orphanage wants or what the veteran who is bleeding out on the battle field wants…

As long as YOU get what you want… Now that is what I call the wolf in sheep’s clothing syndrome….

Religion… Satan or evil will always be with us… when you have fake gods and a little thing called religion…. 

You really can not fix stupid and after falling asleep last night I dreamed of that space ship coming back to earth and causing the rapture that the religious believe in and take the stupid bastards off this earth, so the rest of us can live in peace…

Hope springs eternal for that rapture day… any time would be just about perfect…

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidnTell

I Remember… Margie… who died and saw the true face of god… herself…


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