I wore a uniform, he wore his birthday suit….

We live in a world of great knowledge and that same world promotes a great amount of fear…

On face book I was attacked by a boy in a mans body… who stated that, I as a veteran should know how badly we need a wall on our border…. yep, that is what the man child said… He went on to say much more…as do most bullies… an this man child says he is a christian…

I told Mike that was typical domestic violence situation… why??? because it was his wife, I was having the conversation with… If she had issue with the truth, she knows she can discuss it with me… but her husband, who obviously dislikes women, who served in the military and have opinions…. thought I should be put in a place, based on text thousands of years old, that allowed every war on this planet, allowed the rape and murder of children and promotes fear over reality….

I left the conversation, without commenting…I simply put a laughing emoji on his comment he used to attack me…..because all I think now about the boy in a mans body… was sympathy for his loss of becoming an educated American man who says the constitution has value for all Americans and not just the ones that agree with him…

I wore that military uniform, so all who call America home get treated equally….

That will never happen when boys in mens bodies think they can tell this veteran she should care more for this nation…

I did that when I put that uniform on and swore an oath to this nation… all the man boy did was attack what he will never be….

A patriot like me….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember… Margie… who will never back down to boys in mens bodies….


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