End of an Era….


This was the glow from our yard during the lava flow last summer…

USGS has announced that the flow is considered officially over…

This was the video I shot after we delivered some flooring we took up, and gave to one of the survivors of the flow that had to rebuild… that wall of lava you see, was over 100 feet tall….

Hard to imagine living through this again and what a change to our island… Our air is clean, we have no gas emissions at all near us, if there are any left, we have not heard of any at the volcano national park… 

The island is forever changed and the land and homes that were destroyed will be built again some place else on the island….

We plan to do some exploring when our company comes in a few months, and I will post pictures from all over the island… It really is a pretty place to live…. 

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember… Margie… who never climbed Mt. Fuji… but we did do a photo shoot there at the base of the mountain…


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