Sun still rises…. regardless of you praying for my death….

Last night, not any good sleep… tossed and turned and something that the Norwegian atheist group posted stuck in my mind and that is probably what got me going on my first write of the day… trying to reconcile how it is okay to drown thousand of people and women with unborn children, but a woman or girl can not get an abortion?????? REALLY????

I have no problems cutting my birth family loose… they chose to hide from reality by praying to another human being, that was born on this planet, conceived by a man and a woman… and had the most eloquent ability to talk and get people to believe anything…

Holy Crap on a Cracker… that’s TRUMP!!!!

Insanity by the mass’ is not new on this planet… neither is superstition… nor is ignorance by not vaccinating your children…

It is called free will…

It’s also called INSANITY…..

I watch the news and how the people Trump surrounded himself with have all been busted, some going to prison, more on their way to prison… but people still support him and believe them, only because of….

FEAR… you see, only those who have committed sins or crimes… believe in gods…

No clue what the hell they fear… but words are just that and only have value and meaning… if there is substance…

Sorry, but for me, anyone who buys into anything a Politian says, a religious leader says or a person who profess’ to be of faith says…

You are the ones that I hang the Garlic for… you are the ones I have the Stake & Hammer for… You are the ones I have the Silver bullet for… You are the ones….

I never let in my front, back, side doors, let alone windows or my heart…

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember… Margie.. who only asked Freda, Peggy & Don to own their behavior… instead they hide behind a god that never was… but it makes their brains feel better… You really can not fix stupid… You just can’t….


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