Suicide is painless…. for who, your fake god???

I get so sick of seeing someone on face book post the phone number for the suicide hot line for veterans…

If the damn thing worked, we would not have suicides and we sure as hell wouldn’t be losing kids who have not seen combat…

But…. that happened when I served and they asked for help, just like I did and we got none….

So what makes you dumb ass’s on face book think that suicide prevention hot line does any good???

I served from 77 to 83….. and I know of more than one airman that tried…

1 succeeded… 

I asked for help, and it was more important that the base cover up the rapes and attempted murder at Vance AFB…

It’s not our lives that have any value to the U. S. Government…

It’s their reputation…. and after watching the GOP and Trump and the christians rape America….

You finally get how veterans feel….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember… Margie… who’s only mistake… trust…


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