I have a RIGHT to be ANGRY!!!

Explosive angry… that only seems to happen when I am hungry… and that is normal behavior…

This pent-up feeling inside me, that makes me want to rip the flesh off the demon that torments me… now that is a whole different kind of feeling and it makes me feel tight inside and it makes me want to look for a way to let the demons out and how do I do that without tearing into another living being…. making me walk on egg shells around people and I withdraw and want to hide and feel remorseful for having so much hate against christians and all religions…. the man-made tool to control the human race…. and I am supposed to feel bad for attacking the morons and the teachings….

Gee I haven’t seen a damn thing in the news on the internet, no place that shows religion has done one ounce of good…. my body shows how much bad they can do and not be held accountable, until now…

Lots of stories are out there… but no proof of any good…. Lots of bodies out their with damage to them from those same religious, trying to force their views and values that are warped, corrupt and most of all lies….

So yep, I still have anger and I have lots of hate…. but it doesn’t take up my every minute of my day or nights…

Nope I reserve that time for good old face book and the knowledge that those who killed me, beat me and raped me… know I am telling on them…

I am finally getting the reputation that they all spread….

I am a tattle tell…

Still waiting for that MRI Peggy…. come on christian, show me your worth… I’ll keep watching the obituary…. because truth has no value to you does it???

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember… Margie… who knew that god was a tool, and not a human being…


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