Smoking Pot and this journey, oh dear….

Mike harvested a plant a few weeks back and we just tasted it the last couple of days and I see a pattern in my writing and a feeling of anxiousness… and the aha moment happened after I took my BP, which was totally normal 124/68 both sides… but, my heart rate, which is usually low 70s to 80’s… but not the last 48 hours…. and yep, you got it…

The pot is giving me a boost of stimuli, which I have to adjust to, and recognize it… so I can get the heart to not race, been down this path before…. and the pot is giving me a touch of paranoia…

So we grew what I wanted, but I forgot its hangups, until I am used to the smoke again… been off for a few months… any how…

It explains the bitchy writing about health care today and anxious feeling and the rest is, sit here an giggle, cause the pain is very tolerable… but the side effects of the weed, means I should stay home, till I am used to the drug in my system….

I kid you not… be it natural, pot, like ours, no chemicals, sterile dirt…. everything to make it safe for me… and my brain will crap on me every time, till it gets used to it….

Still no bitchy behavior, though I did get cranky when a dumb ass driving up Makauu  at 7:30AM with his noise so loud, you could hear it a half a mile a way… we had just got back from our walk and my mouth let off a hee haw, and my vocal chords do carry… we think they heard me say “thank you stupid for coming into my home”!!! so yep, just a hair cranky…..

If the VA has no doctor for me, not that big of a deal… I have medicare and ER’s are useful and I never have stepped in one, unless it was bad… so hopefully Trump gets his head out of his ass and the courts can get back to work and my check shows up this year and we can plan our move…. and I can slip quietly back into the old system I used at home… where I know I will get good care… and so will hubby….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember… Margie…. who loved whiskey sours at the Naha NCO club….


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