Life Continues and I am Still Learning…

If nothing else, I have learned to quit listening to the college educated doctors I have dealt with since my time in the military when I worked with doctors and my part-time job at St. Mary’s hospital working on the ward and ER….

I have learned to listen to me first, let the doctors have their input and only when that happens do I agree or disagree with the ego of the god complexed doctors….

I have on so many occasions brought up, to my primary medical doctors and even to the endocrinologist I saw at El Paso…. and still none of them really did the job, until I proved I was right and they were so very wrong… about these damn thyroid drugs…

In the meantime the damage that thyroid medication did to my life, my personal life and to my health… there just isn’t any excuses these college educated kids can come up with that justifies the hell I have been living since being put on thyroid medication in 1993…which I think is the year the civilian doctor I had in Omak, started this journey through hell… but we didn’t know about the brain injuries…. 

But… that one little word…. I did start voicing my concern about this medication as early as 2003 when we moved to Mena, to be near Don, when I knew he was already dying… that is when I brought it up to the VA and I just kept being told I didn’t know what I was talking about and they referred me to mental health… okay that line just made my heart start racing because now I am so pissed for being ignored and the god complex medical side were beyond ignorant!!!

No one sent me to Neurology!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have zero brain confusion or fog… I have had once in a while head discomfort, that last seconds instead of hours or days or months…. but no pain and I have had no need to take anything for my pain… and yesterday, after a long day of doing errands and seeing the dentist and not getting home till our supper time… my shoulders were tight and painful and I did the exercise with the ball in my back to rub out the tension… sat with a heating pad on my back and on Hawaii, where it’s always warm, I have been using that heating pad after I lay in bed and turn it off, before I dose to slumber land….

It will never cease to amaze me, that the medical community in America forgot the biggest lesson out there… DO NO HARM and learn to listen and most of all hear what the patient is trying to convey… and my last doctor didn’t do that, in fact she made statements that were false and really that is the catalyst as to why I fired her…

Being an informed patient in America is your only hope to ensure you get the quality and proper health care and if the college educated have an issue with you being informed… walk away and get a doctor that will listen…


So I will enjoy my day, already did my power walk and my BP numbers barely went up… yesterday I ordered a real nice nordic track elliptical, which will arrive at Sears in a couple of weeks… both hubby and I are looking forward to making use… both of us want to be able to enjoy our great-granddaughter and great-grandson when we get home… and that is looking more and more like we will be buying lots of acreage… only because…

We both long for that peaceful time away from the noise and hustle and bustle of life… that was the reason I bought a new Toyota 4 runner… so we could live in the middle of no where….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember… Margie… who loved to pay outside, anyplace away from the every day hell she lived….


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