Experiment… pg 6

Actually got some sleep last night…

As for the BP numbers, got out of bed and mine were in normal range… So yeppers that damn thyroid drug did more than make my life hell since 1993…. it stole from me on so many levels… and doctors just would not listen…. and I am so tempted to put names in my book, but lawsuits are spendy and ugly and I really hate court…. and I have been the plaintiff every time and won… but I still hate it…

Tachycardia is there, but it seems to only happen when I get excited… do I think that is connected to the brain, that is science that is out of my knowledge and I plan to ask the neurologist in a couple of weeks…

Ya know the guy, the neurologist is I think a Psychologist Neurologist… in other words he studies the brain and the psychological impact it has… that is all well and good, but I am done with psychology… It let me down for over 40 years and I only met one doctor worth his salt… and that was El Paso, and the guy was murdered by a patient… that man used his brain… most of the rest are to biased and wrapped up in their own demons and this guy I am seeing, his body language told me volumes when I went with hubby for his appointment… yep, I got the same dude and that is why we think I will piss him off in the first 5 minutes… should be an interesting experiment… lol… you should see my grin right now….

So as far as the experiment goes… as the Levothyroxine leaves my body, I should get better sleep and I should have normal BP, even after exercising… it rarely ever went up, even after cardio exercises…. but I think that is because I worked so hard to keep from having that heart beating out of my chest feeling, since I live with feeling the organ so much of my waking time….

I am happy with the experiment… Depression, bitchy behavior and being able to tolerate the dumb ass employees of HPP coming into my home with their music and the other bangers that go up and down Makuu street, just might make being here tolerable till we can afford to leave… and their just went a hint of tachycardia and I did drink 2 cups of coffee and it is gone….

Unless something happens that needs documenting… this is the end of the experiment documentation….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember… Margie… and her love of the Nancy Drew mysteries… Hardy boys too…


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