When Fear Walks With You… pg 3

Life was never the same after the Japan beating…. As I recovered from another brain injury and my suspicion is, this is when the bleed on the brain happened, because of the symptoms I had after the beating…

Also Freda was going out of her way to be nice and it was sickly sweet behavior, which gags me to this day… consummate actress, but she could never fool me….

As I recovered from that injury, she started working on a poncho that was corduroy, with a white fake fleece type lining and it was butt ugly orange… I hate orange colors to this day…

It was a gift to me, for what she had caused by her hate for me or just being bat shit crazy, you choose….  and it was all I had to wear in those winters on Japan…. Peggy envied that poncho and wanted it badly… and she went out of her way to try to get under my skin after the beating and I just ignored her… and played the game I needed to play to survive…

On more than one occasion Freda would go to the commissary which is a military grocery store and I would ride with her up that long winding road up the hill and she would drop me off at the Library… and every time… she would drive right past me as she left the base in the dead of winter with several feet of snow on the ground and all I had to wear was that ugly poncho and paten leather cheap shoes…

It would take me a half hour to an hour to walk down that slippery road with no side walks or street lights, hoping the books I had under the poncho wouldn’t end up on the ground ruined and I would be in trouble for that….

When I walked in the door of that house, the first words out of Fredas mouth, “Where the Hell you been”… I would stare at her coldly and say, waiting for you at the library… she would cackle and an evil grin would come across her face… I knew, she had hoped I would die on that dangerous walk down that hill…. She did this too me twice… after that, I never went to the library unless someone else went with her so she couldn’t use the excuse, she forgot…..

Life is like a box of chocolates, you take a bite out of a nut and you never know what will happen next… but I did… What I told baby brother as Don lay dying…

The woman you know, is not the woman I know… and the same went for Peggy….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember… Margie… who hates the color orange….


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