Experiment…pg 4

Sleep is toss and turning, which I expect… Blood pressure is actually lower in the morning and keeps going lower after my coffee…

Supplements and inhaler will be done late morning, so that stimulant in the inhaler does not work with the caffeine…

No confusion… Headaches almost gone, the pain is there and I think it always has been, but it’s not pulsing or bulging type feeling and the ears have actually been quieter, not silent, the ringing is still there…

As for the heart beat and pulse feeling throughout the body, again, it just all depends on what is going on, if I am going to feel it… and I am happy it is not going back to what it was when the incidents happened…

I do know that I have to watch my weight, since the thyroid med is not being taken and it is stable….

Other than hoping for more sleep, can’t complain….

Eye exam is in a couple of weeks… PT is next week and taking control of my health care here is the best thing I could have done…

Bitchy is also gone, and I thank that stupid Levothyroxine man-made drug for that hell….

But, always that one word… I do need to make sure I eat, so I don’t get hangry….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember… Margie… who never understood how anyone could beat on a little child…


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